Terms and Conditions

MedBoat Terms and Conditions of Charter

Medboat.com (a subsidiary of Leisure 2000) act as an agent for boat charters.

Payment terms – Bookings will not be confirmed until receipt of a deposit as determined by Medboat/Leisure 2000. The balance will be payable 14 days prior to the charter date, unless otherwise agreed. For bookings made less than 14 days before commencement of the charter, the full amount is payable before confirmation of the booking is accepted.

Cancellation or changes to the charter by Medboat/Leisure 2000 – If through circumstances beyond the control of Medboat/Leisure 2000, a charter is cancelled then all deposits and fees will be refunded and the companies liability thereafter will cease. Medboat/Leisure 2000 shall not be held responsible for any additional costs incurred by the clients attending a charter that is subsequently cancelled, including but not limited to flights, care hire, transfers and accommodation.

Cancellation by the client – In the event of cancellation by the client, deposits and fees are not refundable, and where clients have chosen to pay some monies by cash, this amount will also be due if the cancellation is within 14 days of the charter date. In the event that Medboat/Leisure 2000 is able to subsequently resell the charter, then fees will be returned back to the client.

Skipper decision – In accordance with accepted marina practice the decision of the skipper from the moment he steps on board the vessel are final. Every attempt will be made to give clients the maximum sea time available, if however the skipper deems that weather conditions, safety issue or any other consideration would make it imprudent to continue once the vessel has left the marina, the skipper’s decision is final. Medboat/Leisure 2000 shall not be liable for any claims for return of fees due to such events.

In the event the clients attend on the day to commence the charter and the weather conditions dictate that the vessel does not leave the marina, the charter fees will be refunded save for the company’s basic costs on the day, i.e. skipper and crew wages and any provisions already on the vessel.

In the event that there are any vessel changes made due to a vessel becoming unsuitable for charter for any reason whatsoever, Medboat/Leisure 2000 will do their best to provide a similar vessel. This in no way affects the validity of the booking and the terms and conditions stated herein remain good.

Any person arriving to the boat showing signs of being under the influence of drink or drugs may not be allowed on board the boat to partake in the charter. Should this situation arise, Medboat/Leisure 2000 shall not be liable for any claims for return of fees due to such events.

Insurance – The boats are insured for charter purposes, Medboat/Leisure 2000 accepts no liability for loss, personal injury, illness or food poisoning, we recommend that clients obtain their own insurance to cover these eventualities.

Medboat/Leisure 2000 accepts no responsibility for disruption caused to the client by force majeure such as fire, flood, acts of god, strikes, political unrest, acts of government or authorities, or any other occurrence beyond our control.

Damages and breakages – Damages and breakages caused by the client as a result of willful or neglectful act are the responsibility of the client and any costs incurred as a result of such, shall be reimbursed on demand to Medboat/Leisure 2000 or its representatives. For safety reasons the skipper must be notified immediately of any damage found or caused by the client.

Prohibited items and substances – It is forbidden to bring on board any illegal item such as prohibited drugs, firearms, weapons, noxious substances or liquids, or any other item of any kind that is unlawful or unsuitable for use on the boat. The skipper reserves the right to refuse to allow any item on board that he should deem unsuitable for any reason whatsoever. Any client refusing to allow packages to be checked will not be allowed onboard the vessel and will be responsible for their own return travel arrangements. Leisure 2000 will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the client as a result of such an event occurring.

Published information – Every care has been taken to ensure that all information published by Medboat/Leisure 2000 including brochures, advertisements and mailings, that describe the boats and activities are accurate and are given in good faith not withstanding that such are subject to change due to events beyond the control of Medboat/Leisure 2000.

Declaration – All charter clients must agree to these terms and conditions, the charterer must be over the age of 18 years, and all passengers in good health other than any conditions notified to us. The skipper has the final decision in any matters concerning the safety of the vessel and any of its passengers.